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Fic: Double Rebound

Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
Title: Double Rebound
Author: Quasar (quasar273)
Pairing(s): McKay/Keller/Dex
Length: 5800 words
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: up to s4, Trio
Warnings: Mild kink, not fully resolved ending

Summary: Jennifer wants Rodney for an experiment.

Author's Notes: I wrote this way back in March 2008 after seeing Trio and the scene where Ronon kinda-flirts with Rodney in Kindred. I didn't want to post because I was trying to write the happy mcshep sequel. I finally admitted that the sequel would be long and angsty and not porny and not what I wanted to write. Then Tracker came out and I decided maybe this could stand as is (this story has no spoilers for Tracker).

The night after Rodney fell into a Genii mineshaft with two beautiful women, one of whom then fed him painkillers and beer, he slept fourteen hours.

The next day he walked around like an arthritic old man, could barely feed himself because it was too painful to bend his fingers even a little, and had trouble just raising his voice. The fifth time a scientist acted concerned instead of cowed, he decided to take Radek's advice and go back to bed. On the way he passed Colonel Carter crutching gracefully toward the Gateroom; she said with apparent sympathy that he looked awful and should get some more rest. He slept another eleven hours that night.

The second day, he felt a little better. He still couldn't type properly, but that just meant he was free to gesticulate as he pointed out exactly how stupid his scientists had been to think they could get away with doing nothing while Rodney was out for a day and a half. By the third day, he was typing his rants as well as yelling them, and almost back to a normal sleep schedule.

On the fifth day, Keller inspected his hands and said he could leave the bandages off so long as he kept his palms clean and didn't re-injure them. Her own hands had been bandage-free for two days, at that point. When his checkup was done, she invited him to stop by her quarters after dinner.

"You... what?" said Rodney. "I mean... really?" He'd thought she was just being nice to him, earlier. Consoling him over the breakup with Katie. Or possibly just amused by his total ineptitude in the field of romance, even the most casual kind. He hadn't believed she was genuinely attracted to him.

"Sure," she said with her little enigmatic smile. "We didn't get much chance to talk last time, since the beer sort of knocked you out --"

"Beer and Percocet!" he reminded her. "And hey, should you really have encouraged me to combine those?"

"I made sure your breathing wasn't depressed when we put you to bed," she said tartly.

"Good... wait, we who? Who we?" All Rodney remembered was trying to explain the beauty of unified theory to Keller one moment and waking up in his own bed with a powerful urge to pee the next.

"Ronon carried you to your room," she said. "You didn't think I did it myself?"

"Well, no, but..." Rodney had supposed one of the legion of muscle-bound nurses under Keller's command had helped. Or maybe she would have called Sheppard to get one or more of his muscle-bound minions. And then maybe John would have come along to help out himself instead of delegating. Rodney hadn't given much thought to how much he liked that idea. But in reality... "Ronon? He wasn't, um, upset or anything? That you and I had a drink together? I mean, I wouldn't want to, um, poach on his territory or anything. Not that I think you're his territory, or any man's, or, or that women are ever territory at all... it's just --"

Keller was getting those little crinkles around the corners of her eyes that meant Rodney was being especially inept again. "Ronon's not bothered by it," she said. "He understands."

"Oh... good," said Rodney faintly. Because Keller was very pretty, but the thought of going mano a mano with the man-mountain for the favors of, well, any woman was pretty much out of the question.

"Good," she repeated back to him with lifted eyebrows. "See you at twenty, then?"

"Yes, um, twenty... right." Rodney left the infirmary in a daze and forgot to yell at his idiots for nearly two hours.

Being nervous, he ate too much at dinner that night. Sheppard gave his heaped plate a doubtful look.

"I'm hungry!" Rodney protested, digging in.

"I didn't say anything."

"You made a face."

"What are we, four?"

Rodney didn't dignify that with an answer, and there was silence for several bites. Finally he noticed Sheppard had no tray, just a glass of iced tea. "You're not eating?"

"I ate earlier."

Rodney blinked. "Why are you here, then?"

"Just stopped by to see if you're up for a game of chess tonight," said John. "I got a movie, too, if you're interested."

Rodney shook his head, swallowing his mouthful hastily. "Can't. I have a date."

John stiffened to attention like a hunting dog. "A date?" he repeated, rolling the word around his mouth with unflattering disbelief.

"That's right," said Rodney, lifting his chin. "Is it so hard to believe I could attract a woman?"

John backed down. "Well, no, but -- okay, yeah. It's kinda soon after Katie, isn't it? You on the rebound or what?"

"No, that's not... I don't know." Rodney was starting to regret he'd said anything, but he was so bad at keeping secrets, trying to keep his mouth shut usually turned out more embarrassing anyway. "The opportunity came up, you expect me to say no?"

"Guess not..." Sheppard had a little line between his eyebrows. "So who's the lucky lady?"

Rodney shook his head.

"No one I know?"

"Oh, you know her, I just don't think I should, ah, spread rumors," Rodney finished lamely.

"C'mon, Rodney, you can trust me," John wheedled. "You know I'm gonna find out sooner or later."

"Let's make that later." Rodney pressed his lips tightly together.

"It's not Colonel Carter, is it?"



"What? She's pregnant!"

"Pregnant, not dead."

"No, it's not Teyla!"

"Well, then... that cute, um, Dr. Esposito?"

"No, she went back to Earth after the thing with the explosions." Rodney sighed.

"Who is it, then?"

"Look, I just think I should get some idea if it's going to work or not before I starting talking about it," Rodney said uncomfortably. "You know, telling you -- telling people about my plan to propose to Katie, before I even told her, was one of the big mistakes I made. I just don't want to... jinx anything." Rodney gulped at his water. "I'm good enough at jinxing things by myself, I don't need you adding to it."

"I'm not going to jinx you, Rodney!"

Rodney snorted over his pudding.

"Okay, fine, you know what?" Sheppard put on his big fake smile. "I'm just going to wish you good luck, and then tomorrow night you can tell me what a great date it was over chess. Okay?"

"Yeah. Okay, that sounds... nice." A lot less terrifying than actually going through with the date. Rodney flinched in surprise as Sheppard slapped him on the back, then dredged up a grin and waved the colonel away. And then he checked his watch and discovered it was already quarter to twenty and he'd better get going.

He shouldn't have eaten so much, he realized as the butterflies jumped and spun in his stomach while he stood in the hallway. It wasn't too late to change his mind and play chess with Sheppard. He frowned a moment over the contrast: possible sex with a hot blonde woman versus chess with a lanky, messy-haired guy. He had no idea why the second seemed somehow more appealing. Tightening his jaw resolutely, he waved at the controls on Keller's door. Jennifer, he should start thinking of her as Jennifer now; probably he should have started a while ago.

She answered the door wearing a welcoming smile and a tight shirt with a deep V-shaped collar that showed a bit of cleavage. It wasn't really a dressy shirt, except it was dressy for Atlantis, where a head of division might get calls at any hour of the night. Rodney was just grateful the shirt was a sort of rust-brown instead of the deep red he'd first thought when she opened the door. He did not need to be reminded of Elizabeth just now; he was nervous enough already.

Keller (Jennifer) passed him a brown bottle -- LaBatt's, he noted with surprise. She must have traded for it, because a few days ago she only had Heineken. Or maybe she'd figured weak American beer would be less dangerous to combine with Percocet. "Oh, um, that's very..." he said, fumbling for the multitool in his pocket. Jennifer rolled her eyes and handed him a bottle opener.

"Come on in, sit down," she said, waving him to her desk chair with a bottle of her own in hand. "There are a couple of things we should talk about first."

"Talk?" Rodney squeaked. That was the part he was always worst at, when the talk had anything to with relationships or making someone besides himself feel valued. He thought Jennifer knew how bad he was at that sort of thing, but now she was expecting him to do it anyway? Hell, maybe she really was only with him for the amusement factor.

"Relax," she urged, "It's nothing bad. I just want to make sure we're clear on a few things first, set some ground rules."

"Uhmm." This was sounding... not like what he expected. He wasn't sure what it did sound like. A business arrangement, maybe? He took a big gulp of beer.

"Just to make sure we're on the same page here and we know what the expectations are," Jennifer continued, taking a pull at her own beer. "See, the fact is I'm not really looking for a relationship, or anything long term. I'm just hoping we can have some fun together. Good, clean -- mutual! -- fun."

Rodney blinked. Did she really say she just wanted sex, no strings attached? When had his life turned into the Pegasus version of Playboy Letters? He was pretty sure he hadn't done anything particularly right in any previous encounter with Kel-- Jennifer. "Am I in a coma?"

She stared at him. "Excuse me?"

Rodney snapped his fingers. "That's it, isn't it? I was severely injured when the mine collapsed, and now I'm on life support or the brink of death and, and I'm dreaming all of this, right?"

Jennifer's puzzled frown slumped into a more familiar half-lidded exasperation. "This isn't a hallucination, Rodney."

"You're sure? Because, um, it really has some elements in common with a previous hallucination of mine." Beautiful blonde, check. Using her charms to distract him from his work, check. Acting out of character... well, he thought it was out of character, but he didn't really know Jennifer very well just yet.

"Yes, I'm very sure." Jennifer took another swig of beer. "Look, you need to tell me if you're not up for this. I just thought, since you broke up with Katie and you're at loose ends now, you might be -- y'know -- open to a little experimentation."

Seeing an opening he recognized, Rodney pounced. "I'm a scientist, I live for experimentation! Experimentation is my bread and butter." Then he froze, as he began to wonder exactly what kind of experiment she was suggesting. It probably didn't involve folding space-time or improving shield efficiency.

"So, this is okay with you?" She perched on the foot of her bed and waved around at the room -- airy and open and non-rectangular, like most rooms in Atlantis. She had the same sparkling curtains as Sheppard and several other people. The bed was definitely non-standard though, about twice as wide as Rodney's and half again as long.

Rodney froze, contemplating the unknown while the butterflies in his stomach did half-gainers. But it was never really in question -- beautiful blonde charms, after all -- so he gulped and bobbed his head and said, "Sure. Yes. Better than okay. Sounds great!"

Jennifer's smile was near-blinding this time. "Good. That's very good. Because I've really been looking forward to this, and so has Ronon."

The door swished open.

Rodney jumped to his feet, hands extended so that beer splashed everywhere. "I didn't touch her! I swear!"

Ronon paused just inside the door and squinted at Rodney, then at Jennifer. "Thought you were going to explain it to him."

"I was working on it!" she retorted.

Rodney lowered his hands cautiously. "No, uh, I think I can categorically say no one mentioned anything about this." His nerves were saying this was a setup that would lead to the kind of physical humiliation he had endured in high school. But Ronon didn't look insane with jealousy; actually, he seemed sort of amused, the way Jennifer looked when Rodney's tongue ran away with him.

Jennifer sighed, eyebrows lifting in a pained show of patience. "I think the technical term is ménage à trois. Or threesome, if you prefer."

"With... ?" Rodney waved the beer bottle in Ronon's direction, then drew a triangle with it. "I mean, trois, three -- you, me, and, and him?!"

"S'why I'm here," Ronon put in calmly.

Rodney stared. "And you want -- I mean, um, you agreed to... ?"

Ronon shrugged. "She thinks it'll be fun. I'm willing to try."

Rodney gulped. "This, uh, this was not at all what I was expecting tonight. I think maybe I should just go and uh, leave you two --"

"What's the matter, you chicken?" Ronon retorted.

"Ronon!" Jennifer snapped. She turned to Rodney. "Really, I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable or anything. I'm sorry I didn't explain more clearly. Seriously, if you want to back out, that's fine."

"Well, I... I think I should..." Rodney swallowed. He couldn't just leave, with Ronon thinking he was a coward. But he couldn't agree without knowing a lot more about the details. "What, um, what exactly did you have in mind here? Because I should tell you, I'm really not into, um..." The beer bottle proved inadequate to delineate Ronon's height and breadth and excess of masculinity. "No offense."

Ronon quirked an eyebrow. "I said the same thing about you. No offense." He jerked his head at Jennifer. "She wants two men. Not going to want to watch us fucking each other."

"Not that I would say no if you wanted to!" Jennifer chirped. Then her eyes widened and she held a palm up to Rodney. "But I understand that isn't on offer, really. I totally get that. It's just, um, I read about... and I had a friend who tried it once, and she said it was really, uh... and this seemed like a pretty good opportunity, since you and Ronon are both, um, interested in me, and you're two reasonably attractive and open-minded guys, and, you know, friendly with each other..."

Rodney stared as Jennifer babbled and a blush crept up her cheeks. "I thought I was supposed to be the one who was bad at this sort of thing!"

Her mouth snapped shut and her eyes narrowed in annoyance. "You are. So I figured you might have a little sympathy -- this isn't an easy topic to bring up, you know!"

Ronon sprawled across the bed. "Didn't have any trouble asking me about it," he commented.

Jennifer flapped a hand backward at him, still staring earnestly at Rodney. "What do you say, Rodney?"

He should say no. He should absolutely say no. But he knew that Ronon would needle him for weeks if he did, in little hidden ways that wouldn't spill the secret until Rodney couldn't take it anymore and snapped and ranted back at him and that would reveal this sordid little affair to everyone.

Whereas if he said yes... it really was sort of like Playboy Letters, wasn't it? He used to fantasize about scenes very much like this. Okay, those usually involved Rodney with two women (Norina and Sam Carter had been a very celebrated pair in his mental movie theater for a while), but he could hardly blame Jennifer for thinking about such things when he'd thought about it himself. He'd never done anything, of course, because the opportunity had never presented itself. And now here it was, if not exactly the opportunity he'd been looking for.

It also occurred to him that if he humored Jennifer in this, she might be willing to help fulfill a reciprocal fantasy further down the line. Of course Sam was out of the question (but wouldn't that be hot?!), and Katie wasn't speaking to him, but there might be others. Lieutenant Cadman delighted in making inappropriate suggestions to Rodney anytime she was in town; wouldn't it be sweet to take her up on it and then do her one better?

Or maybe Jennifer would want to try it again with Rodney and a different man. Not that he was attracted to any man, but someone with, say, Sheppard's height and build would be a lot less intimidating than Ronon. That wouldn't be so bad, really.

Rodney glanced again at Ronon's lounging form, and the bulge visible at his crotch. "Just, um, the two of us with you, right?" he asked Jennifer. "No, um..."

"No guy on guy action, I promise," she said. "Unless you want to, because that would be really, uh... yeah."

Ronon gave a little snort, as if it was absurd to suggest he might find Rodney attractive in the tiniest way. Rodney wanted to protest that plenty of men found him desirable, but then he would be asked for examples. Gritting his teeth in annoyance, he blurted, "Okay. I'll do it."

What came next was very surreal. Rodney had gotten used to incorporating aliens and nanoviruses and sundry other threats into his daily life as if they'd just walked out of a book or movie into the real world, but this was the first time he'd ever experienced pleasure, sexual pleasure, that seemed like it belonged in a fictional setting.

Jennifer took charge from the start, and insisted that they should all be naked and that furthermore it was her right to do the undressing. Ronon's clothes came off first, and Rodney struggled not to look until he noticed Ronon leering at him and realized he wouldn't get beaten up if he did look, just once...

"Oh," he said. Ronon was big, but that wasn't a surprise -- other details were. Circumcision was less universal in Canada than the States, but it was still pretty common when Rodney was born. He'd never seen an erect uncircumcised penis in real life, and he wanted to ask questions: what does it feel like, is it really more sensitive, aren't you worried about infections, does it hurt when the foreskin stretches like that, do women like it?

As if he'd read Rodney's mind, Ronon said, "Most women here don't know what to do with it," and teased the foreskin back and forth over the head.

Jennifer slapped his hand away. "Save that for later."

Ronon's eyes slitted with amusement. "She knows what to do with it," he told Rodney.

Jennifer took her own shirt off, then cleverly got rid of Rodney's clothes while he was trying to decide whether to stare at her breasts or Ronon's penis. Then she shed her uniform pants and started arranging everyone on the bed. This involved some pleasurable groping and a few appreciative kisses -- on the mouth and elsewhere -- so Rodney's body was fully interested in the plan even while his mind was still a little doubtful.

Ronon went on the bottom, lounging back with a smirk and his impressive penis pointing straight up. Jennifer petted him and played with him for a little while, then slipped a condom on and straddled him. She didn't sink down onto Ronon right away, though -- she sat on his belly first and held out a bottle of lube and asked him to stretch her ass, since Rodney couldn't risk infection in his hands.

Rodney gulped, watching from the foot of the bed as Ronon's powerful hands parted Jennifer's pale cheeks, and a couple of thick fingers played in and around the hole he would soon be visiting himself. Jennifer threw her head back and made mewling noises and teased Ronon's straining penis with every twitch.

Rodney had only experimented with anal penetration once before -- giving, not receiving; he really wasn't interested in receiving, or at least he'd never given it much thought -- and it hadn't gone very well. The college girl, three years older than he was but one grade behind him, had said he didn't prepare properly and went in at the wrong angle and didn't listen to her and finished too quickly. He hadn't tried it again.

Jennifer seemed to know what she wanted, though, and she certainly showed signs of enjoying Ronon's playing. Finally, panting, she told him to stop while she got Rodney ready. To his surprise and pleasure, this involved his kneeling on the bed while she sucked him wetly and deeply until he was hard enough to pound nails. Then she put a condom on him and slathered it with lube, her slick squeezing almost as pleasant if slightly muffled by the latex.

Ronon gave a long, luxurious groan and Rodney realized Jennifer had finally sunk down onto him, even while her hands played with Rodney's erection. It was surprisingly erotic to hear Jennifer having sex with Ronon at one end and teasing Rodney at the other. He found himself panting with excitement.

"Okay," said Jennifer after several long, slow strokes of her hips up and down Ronon's length, while her hands mimicked the rhythm on Rodney. "Okay, I'm ready." She settled down over Ronon and leaned forward. "Your turn, Rodney."

Rodney got behind her and at first there were too many knees trying to be in the same space. Jennifer tucked her knees up by Ronon's flanks, Ronon spread his legs, and Rodney squeezed into the middle. He petted the elegant line of Jennifer's spine, the graceful flare of her hips and her generously rounded butt. Pressing her cheeks apart, he had a flare of nervousness. "You're sure you want this? I mean, I wouldn't want to hurt you --"

"You won't," she said positively, and before Rodney could conclude that was a disparaging comment on his size, she continued, "I've done this before. Not two at once, but I know how it feels and I know I like it. Put it in."

He lined up and pushed, adjusted his position and tried again, adjusted again... he almost got the head in but it was too tight and he could feel Jennifer's back tensing. "This isn't working."

"Okay, okay, hang on." Jennifer lifted up off of Ronon, and his groan this time was of disappointment. "Try it now."

She was more upright, her leg muscles tensed differently as she held herself up. Rodney squinched his eyes shut and pushed -- and popped in past the head, sliding smoothly until he was almost completely sheathed. "Uh!" he said, though he'd been meaning something more eloquent.

"That's right," she said almost clinically -- oh, no, Rodney was not going there -- as she shifted in front of him. "In and out a couple of times, slowly... okay, hold there. Stay with me." She reached down to line Ronon up with her vagina again, gave a little sideways shimmy that made Rodney gasp, and then sank down. Ronon groaned, Rodney's breath left him explosively, and Jennifer said "Oh yeah. Yeah, that's it. Come on boys, give it to me!"

It still wasn't completely smooth sailing from there. Jennifer tried to set a rhythm, but one or both of them would slip out if she moved too much. Finally she promised to stay still and let Rodney do the work (Ronon grunted disapprovingly), but apparently "staying still" involved a lot of twitching and spasming and one or two of the little hip-shimmies that made Rodney squeak. He tried to be careful and gentle in his motions, but Jennifer egged him on with increasingly loud moans and whimpers (and a shriek when Ronon pinched her nipples that made Rodney think he'd hurt her). The tight ring around his shaft and the soft smoothness beyond were intoxicating, and soon Rodney was plunging in and out far more roughly than he meant to. Jennifer's moans rose to a sharp peak and then a series of throaty yells, and Rodney lost it completely.

His orgasm wasn't quite over when Ronon started to move, powerful thrusts that lifted Jennifer off the bed. Rodney felt it more intimately than he'd thought possible, not only the flexing of Ronon's tree-trunk thighs around his own and Jennifer's butt brushing against his belly, but something long and hard pushing against him inside of her, separated by thin layers of flesh. The stimulation of his oversensitized penis was excruciating at first, but after a minute he realized that he was staying hard in spite of the orgasm. The lift that gave him sent a shiver straight up his spine.

Jennifer was flattened over Ronon's chest, moaning and sobbing as he pumped into her. Rodney had been bracing himself on her shoulders but that wasn't working now; he tried to move his hands down to the bed, but her elbow was in the way, flexing frantically as she rubbed her own clitoris. The rhythm and angle of the movement reminded Rodney strangely of masturbating himself, and he spasmed sympathetically with her as she clenched and flexed. He ended up with his hands pressing down on someone's hips, and only belatedly realized they were Ronon's.

Jennifer was rising to another climax now, even noisier than before, the waves that racked her body rippling sympathetically through both men. As she slumped down again, Rodney unexpectedly met Ronon's gaze over her shoulder, and saw the same frustrated arousal he was feeling.

"Can't move enough," Ronon grunted. "Turn over."

"Um," said Jennifer weakly, panting. She seemed to want to direct things but didn't have the energy at the moment. She reached back to give Rodney's hip a little pat, something between encouragement and please move.

Rodney pulled out carefully, reaching down to hold the condom on. He was mostly hard, but not quite enough to keep the condom secure. He was about to pull it free when Jennifer said "No, your hands. Gotta keep 'em clean." And she turned around, neatly pulled the condom off, tied it in a knot (Rodney had heard about that but never seen anyone do it), and dropped it in the wastebasket right next to the bed. She bent again and sucked him back to full hardness, then had a fresh condom on him and slathered with lube in seconds. Apparently there were real advantages to having sex with a medical doctor -- stuff that was normally awkward to deal with was all taken care of quickly and efficiently.

Jennifer had wiped her hands on a towel and was now pushing Rodney to lie back against the pillows. At first he thought he was going to be in Ronon's position, and he gasped at the leap of arousal. But Jennifer turned her back to him and -- whoa! -- sank down with Rodney buried in her ass again, only now the angle was different and pressed him in new and fascinating ways. Her butt cheeks against his stomach were very nice; her tailbone on the base of his penis, not so much.

Ronon moved between Jennifer's legs and they had another duel of the knees. This time Ronon won, and Rodney found his legs spread almost as wide as Jennifer's, so that he felt as if he was the one being possessed when Ronon entered her with one sharp push, his cock slithering up along Rodney's length and then away again. Jennifer yelled "Yes!" loud enough to embarrass Rodney, and let her knees spread wider.

Ronon was as energetic in this as in everything else he did; with each thrust he was pushing Jennifer hard against Rodney, and the pinch of her tailbone made Rodney yelp "No, wait, wait, this isn't working!" Finally he mastered the trick of it, balancing Jennifer on his thighs and flexing his legs and abdomen with each of Ronon's lunges. He should have known this would involve sweat and working his muscles to their limits; this was Ronon, after all, and it was just a different kind of sparring.

The press of Ronon's cock through Jennifer's flesh was weirdly seductive, though. It wasn't Rodney moving, but it was a rhythm he knew in his bones. And Rodney's muscle-flexing scheme, in addition to the force of Ronon's thrusts, did lift Jennifer an inch or two each time only to come back down on Rodney's penis as Ronon pulled away. So there was a weird sort of counter-penetration going on even though Rodney wasn't actively pushing into her -- at least, not at first. Once he started to get the hang of it, and it began to seem more like hot sweaty crazy sex than a hot sweaty crazy puzzle he had to figure out, then his instincts took over and he was giving a little push upward each time Ronon moved back.

It lasted a lot longer this time, at least for Rodney. Jennifer came again after about a minute, and then again so many times Rodney wasn't quite sure when she was in one orgasm or rising up toward another. Ronon got close at one point and paused, his head curled down so the dreadlocks tickled Jennifer's breasts. But after suitable grimacing and jaw-clenching, Ronon took up his thrusts again, slower than before but harder. Rodney was grunting or moaning with each one, though probably he couldn't be heard with all the ruckus Jennifer was making.

Rodney's orgasm came as a surprise. He had his eyes shut, feeling the rhythm through his whole body, breath and flex and counterthrust and the unexpectedly sweet slide of Ronon's penis against his own, when a big hand clamped on his shoulder. Rodney's eyes flew open to meet Ronon's, staring at him past Jennifer's cheek. Ronon's perfect teeth gleamed and his perfect chest flexed, and sweat glistened down his lean, perfectly muscled arms. His eyes were nearly all pupil, black with arousal, and Rodney had the strange thought that green eyes would probably look just as dark in this situation. And suddenly Rodney was there, tipped over the edge and throwing everyone's synchronization off as his hips stuttered and shook.

He didn't black out after the orgasm, but he sort of checked out for a while. He knew they were moving his body, and he didn't object except when Ronon's knee pinched the skin of his hip. The bed rocked and Jennifer moaned, volume rising and falling in an intriguing aliased frequency as the rocking and the individual moans interfered constructively, then destructively, then constructively again. Rodney plotted the Fourier transform of her orgasms against the inside of his eyelids.

He opened his eyes after a while to find they were still at it, Ronon pistoning smoothly in and out, in and out. Jennifer seemed to be in some kind of sexual fugue state, barely aware but matching Ronon's moves nonetheless.

"So, when you said you need more cardio, that was just a joke?" he asked Jennifer. She didn't answer, apparently reduced to a brainless sex pudding.

Ronon grinned. "She wasn't joking when she said you need more cardio."

Rodney frowned. "How'd you know she said that? Has she been talking about me?"

Ronon shook his head. "Doesn't need to; I know you, McKay." Then he tucked his hands under Jennifer's butt and pulled her tight, shifting into a fast pace that made Rodney's penis twitch with an echo of remembered pleasure. And then, finally, Ronon was coming, strangely silent and vulnerable as he made faces of pleasure/pain. If this was how Ronon looked in orgasm, as if he had to keep the pleasure locked in some secret place inside, then maybe he actually had come before, when Rodney thought he was just close and trying to hold it off.

Rodney drifted again for a bit, Fourier transforms and secret inward orgasms jostling through his brain with the stray thought that there was another universe where he was playing chess with John right now. He thought the other two were asleep, but after a while there were murmurs and shifting, and someone got off the bed. Rodney slitted his eyes open to see Jennifer weaving unsteadily toward the bathroom. She didn't bother closing the door, which made Rodney roll to face away in embarrassment.

Ronon was sprawled across the bed, loose-limbed and smug. The pose reminded Rodney of Sheppard, except he'd never seen John in such a position naked. Oddly, that thought made Rodney's limp penis twitch again. He wondered if Ronon was picking up the slinky casual act from the colonel, since Ronon had seemed not to know how to relax when he first came to Atlantis. John wasn't really a bad role model for that, if you ignored how childish his slouches were. And how it was all an act, really; on the inside Sheppard was perhaps the most restrained and un-relaxed person Rodney had ever met, after himself, maybe.

Ronon's returned Rodney's stare for a little while, then he grinned. "That was good, huh."

"Yeah. Yes, it was..." Possibly the best sex Rodney had ever experienced, certainly the kinkiest and the most intense. It had been years since he'd had more than one orgasm in a night. And now he felt sort of let down, almost disappointed with himself in the face of the others' athletic feats. "It was definitely good," he said, wondering why that would make his throat ache and his eyes burn.

Ronon rolled off the bed and up to his feet, as easy as breathing. He scratched his chest hair and ambled toward the bathroom, still occupied by Jennifer. Rodney heard running water and the two of them talking to each other, and it made his skin crawl; he'd never been the kind of person who could casually witness the bodily functions of others.

"Rodney, you should wash your hands," Jennifer called out. "Soap and water, gently but thoroughly, for at least thirty seconds."

"Yes, I'll, uh, I'll get right on that," he said, sitting up and looking around Jennifer's room in a daze. What the hell had he been thinking, coming here, agreeing to their crazy scheme?

He saw his clothes on the floor and snatched at them. He wasn't specifically trying to be dressed and ready to leave before they came out of the bathroom, but if they were too slow...

The shower turned on. The bathroom door was still open, Ronon and Jennifer still talking easily in tones Rodney couldn't catch.

He didn't yell goodbye.
Tags: atlantis, fanfic

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