October 19th, 2007



I got my Yuletide assignment, and it was great! Then I got the explanation that there had been a mistake and new assignments would be sent soon. And then I got the same assignment in the second round, yay! It was, let's see, yes I think it was my first choice fandom (although the margin was pretty small among the top three or five). The request doesn't exactly match my Vision of the story I'd like to write (okay, fine, the story I actually started a couple of years ago and abandoned and would love an excuse to get back to...) so my brain is now busily percolating on a compromise. Many, many possibilities. Oh boy!

And then there are my requests, which I'm excited about too.

Dear Yuletide Secret Santa:

I requested slash as a first choice for all the fandoms, but I really can be satisfied with gen or with non-explicit affection (one exception on that, see below). I like plot (action/adventure/case stories) at least as much and probably more than sex, so you can make me very happy with a nice little battle scene or mystery or whatnot and maybe a few fond looks or affectionate words thrown in. Or hurt/comfort -- that's always a great way to blur the boundary between slashiness and non-slashiness.

The one exception is the Bujold request. If you do go the slash route on that one, then I would love to see something explicit and maybe even kinky with weird groundsense tricks. But if you're not up for that, I could still be quite happy with an action or hurt/comfort story, maybe some unrequited lust added to poor Saun's man-crush on Dag.

On the angst-saccharine scale, I can enjoy either emo or sweet but not too far to either extreme. Cautiously happy endings after angst, schmoopiness which isn't completely out of character -- or anything in between.

I hope that's enough guidance but not too much, so your brain can find a happy compromise between your Vision and mine!